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scripts and tools

The Pastebin has a number of utility tools that both myself and others have written.

If you have written a program or other useful thing to work with this Pastebin, let Slepp know.

paste submission

Firefox Add-on

The Firefox add-on allows you to upload text selections, entire pages, sources, and make new pastes. It also supports integration with TURL for URL shortening.

This tool, written by Fred Blaise and updated by Slepp, is used to send a paste to the Pastebin from a command line. It can create the paste with options as well, allowing for expiry and other values to be set.

Jabber Interface

This is both a notification tool and a paste method. You can use your Jabber IM (or MSN) client to send pastes to the Pastebin. This is still under a lot of development, but go ahead and give it a try.

Unofficial ALSA Support Scripts

There are two scripts around for use with ALSA to generate debugging information when asking for help. Both these scripts automatically submit their output to the Pastebin for the user, allowing others to review it.

These two scripts make a good shell based design template for other ambitious script writers.

notes for tool or script authors

To prevent the rampant spam hitting the Pastebin, there a number of security consideration used to authenticate real scripts and ignorant form filling bots.

There is also now a dedicated API (XML-RPC or HTTP POST) which scripts can use easily which will allow simple script authorization (one more parameter to send along per request that is static). If you are interested in this API, please contact me.

Basically, just change the URL which you presently use for submitting a new paste to You can get an API Key here.

You only need one API key per script or user, not one per paste. You can also submit the api field as part of the POST, instead of in the GET URL.

If this doesn't fit your design or model, let me know and we can come up with some other simple arrangement for far less restricted Pastebin access.