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donate to the pastebin

The Pastebin is provided as a free service, but it still costs some money to run. The goal with the donations is to make enough each month to eliminate any advertising from the site and to support future upgrades and enhancements.

Your donation will go towards new hardware and paying the bills that keep the servers running day after day. So far, USD and CAD has been donated.

You are welcome to choose any donation value you like via the PayPal donation page. To continue, follow the donation button below. If you want a little recognition for your donation, you can check off the box below as well.

As part of the recognition, you can enter a URL you would like to show beside your name and amount, but that is also optional.

Donation Currency:
Donation Amount: (may be left blank on this page)
Display Preference: Yes, show my name and amount on the donations page.
Yes, show only my name, not the amount.
No, hide my name and amount.
Optional URL:
If you enter a URL, it will be used to as a link for your name.

That is all there is to it.